Spotlight on Yorkshire Heather

There are three main types of heather which grow on the Yorkshire Moors, Bell Heather which has dark pink or purple bell-shaped flowers and typically flowers first, in late July. Cross-leaved heath has leaves arranged in crosses of four on its stems, it has pale pink bell-shaped flowers and is found in boggy areas. Finally Ling is the most common type of heather found on the North York Moors, it has very tiny pink flowers and tends to flower last, mid to late August. The heather in Explorers Rum is sustainably foraged and we use a combination of types to create the earthy, floral notes which are delicately found in Explorers Rum. 

The flavour from the heather marries particularly well with honey, perhaps more than coincidentally because the heather flower is particular favourite of the honey bee. In our next Ingredient Spotlight we will be introducing you to Giles, our master Bee Keeper who provides the delicious honey form our Explorers Rum.

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