from our distillery in the heart of the Dales

About us: A spirit company with Yorkshire at it’s roots

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In the modern world our connection with nature is all too often lost. Yorkshire Explorer offers you the chance to re-connect through immersive drink experiences. Open you eyes back to nature, because theres so much we’ve forgotten.

To make our gin we use classic principles producing the product in a 100L still called wendy. The reason we use such a small still compared to the more common 300l and 500l is to focus on creating complex flavours which can commonly get lost in larger tower stills. You’ll notice when you sipping our gin how you are originally hit by floral notes of rose and hibiscus this is shortly followed by citrus undertones which linger on the palate.

To get these complex flavour profiles we leave our botanicals to pre-soak for 24hrs before doing a 8hr distill. We’re extremely proud of the quality of our gin, we only use the hearts of the gin, rather then using some of the head (which some companies use to produce greater yield). This ensures that great smooth taste without the harshness that unfortunately has become the norm in the industry. 

From the artwork on our bottles to the locally sources ingredients, The Yorkshire Explorer champions Yorkshire produce. All brought to you, from our distillery in the heart of the Dales



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“Midsummer Night”